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Double-Weave Bracelet. 



Makes an attractive eye-catching addition  to your  jewelry collection.  Shown in gold & silver combination. Our most popular bracelet. 

Gold & Silver $45.00 


Freshwater Pearl Braided Bracelet. 



Nice fat, plump, white freshwater pearls braided using round wire.  Shown in gold.  Pearls are approx. 10x8mm. 

 14kt Rolled Gold  $65.00        Sterling Silver  $63.00 


Lapis Rectangle Bracelet.



This unique, eloquent bracelet makes an ideal accessory for most occasions. Shown in gold.  

 14kt Rolled Gold  $65.00       Sterling Silver $65.00


10-Strand Full Weave Bracelet.  




Shown in Sterling Silver. this symmetrically-designed bracelet is absolutely gorgeous.

All Gold  $49.00      All Silver  $45.00   Gold & Silver  $47.00


7-Strand Bracelet.    



Made in gold with  alternating strands of twisted  silver wire.  Approximately 3/8" wide.  Very popular design.

All Gold $45.00      All Silver $40.00     Gold & Silver  $43.00


4-Strand  Bracelet.   



This has twisted silver wire on the top and bottom and 2 strands of gold wire in the middle.  Approximately 1/8" wide.

 14kt Rolled Gold $32.00    Sterling Silver $30.00       Combo $31.00 

Cloisonné Braided  Bracelet. 



  Made using round wire and black  Cloisonné beads with pink flowers, approx. 9x11mm.  Shown in Gold.

  14kt Rolled Gold $42.00      Sterling Silver  $40.00 



Pendants,  Rings,  Earrings and Jackets 

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